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Terms & Conditions


  • Products, Payment and Taxes: All of the products listed on the website are with 20% VAT INCLUDED. You will be charged the amount that is displayed on the chckout page. Please note that all transactions made with payment cards will be processed in the local currency, Bulgarian Lev (BGN). If your payment card uses a different currency, your payment may be subject to currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer. These fees are beyond our control and we recommend that you contact your card issuer for further information.

  • Payment Methods: For certain products (such as pre-order items), we require payment by card.

  • Card Condition and Authenticity: We aim for all cards to be near mint, but due to print quality and quality control issues from some card games, we cannot guarantee it. However, we guarantee that all cards are sourced from packs we open ourselves and are securely stored, making them "Pack Fresh." We also assure you that we only sell genuine cards from the manufacturer.

  • Incorrect Address: If we send your order to an incorrect address due to our error, we will resend it to the correct address at no additional cost. If the order is returned to us from the incorrect address, we can resend it, but it will incur additional costs for you.

  • Missing or Incorrect Items: Please inform us within three days of receiving your order if it contains incorrect or missing items. If you fail to do so, we will consider the order delivered in full.

  • Purchasing Restrictions: To ensure fairness and due to limited allocations, some products may have purchasing restrictions. We will clearly state any restrictions in the product description, and orders that do not comply with them will be canceled and refunded immediately.

  • Declining to Trade: Listing goods on our website is an invitation for you to make an offer to purchase them. We reserve the right to decline any offer to purchase, and if we do, we will inform you within 30 days of your offer being placed.

  • Pre-Orders: Sometimes manufacturers allocate fewer products than expected, resulting in allocations. In such cases, we will process and ship orders based on their date of placement. Pre-order items will be shipped on the day before or on the release date. Additionally, manufacturers may release products in waves, and we will handle them based on the order placement date.

  • Delivery, Returns, and Privacy: For more information on delivery, returns, and privacy policies, please refer to the respective pages on our website.

  • Customer Service: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback about our service.

  • Allocation and Delay Policy for Product Distribution: 

    In the event of a product shortage or allocation, we prioritize fairness and transparency in our distribution process. Our policy is structured as follows:

    1. First Come, First Served Basis: Product distribution will be conducted on a 'first come, first served' basis. This means that customers who placed their orders earlier will be prioritized for product allocation. We believe this approach respects the order in which commitments were made to purchase.
    2. Compensation for Delays: Recognizing the inconvenience caused by delays, we offer a goodwill gesture for those affected. If you find your order delayed due to product allocation, we will provide a refund of 5% of the total value of the delayed items. This refund is our way of acknowledging the inconvenience and appreciating your patience.
    3. Notification of Delays: Customers whose orders are impacted by product shortages will be notified promptly. We commit to keeping you informed about the status of your order and estimated delivery timelines.
    4. Additional Stock Fulfillment: For customers at the end of the queue who experience delays, rest assured that we are actively working to secure additional stock. Our team is committed to fulfilling every order at the earliest possible opportunity.

    By placing an order with us, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. We thank you for your understanding and continued support. Our aim is to ensure satisfaction and fairness for all our customers, especially in situations where product availability is limited.